Gun Violence Prevention Research Interest Group


InCHIP’s Gun Violence Prevention Research Interest Group (GVP-RIG) is co-directed by Dr. Mary Bernstein, Dr. Jennifer Dineen, and Dr. Kerri Raissian. The GVP-RIG connects scholars and advocates with interests in understanding the correlates, causes, and solutions for firearm violence in America. Our mission is to seek solutions to reduce all forms of gun violence (such as suicide, community gun violence, mass shootings, accidental shootings, gun violence related to intimate partner violence, officer-involved shootings) and to better understand how solutions may or may not vary based on the setting (e.g., home, community, school, urban/suburban/rural areas). We connect scholars with each other and with resources to enhance the quality and scope of our research. Reducing gun violence in America is an urgent public health crisis that will require our collective expertise.

Leadership Team

Jennifer Dineen

Jennifer Dineen

Assistant Professor in Residence of Public Policy
Program Director, Graduate Program in Survey Research, Public Policy

Kerri Raissian

Kerri Raissian

Associate Professor of Public Policy


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Upcoming Events:

“Gun Violence Prevention Research Networking Event: An Introduction to RIG Members’ Research and Seed Grant Announcement”


UConn Researchers are invited to take part in this networking event focused on Gun Violence Prevention. This event serves two purposes: 1) to develop the network of researchers at UConn interested in working in the area of gun violence prevention via short presentations and 2) to describe the InCHIP Seed Grant Opportunity on gun violence prevention.

For faculty interested in presenting, we invite you to submit a single slide describing your research and any opportunities for collaboration you currently have/would be interested in (see Networking Event Slide Directions).


Monday, December 9, 2019 at 11:30am-1:30pm


Hartford Times Building
4th Floor – DPP Suite
10 Prospect St. (Use doors on Barnes and Noble side – front doors are ceremonial).
Parking: UConn Faculty/Students with parking permits are able to park at the Connecticut Convention Center for free.

Networking Event Slide Directions:

Who should bring a slide: Faculty interested in collaborating around this area. You are promoting both you and your research.

  • Include the following prominently in your slide: Your Name, Title (Home Department), and email
  • What is your area of expertise/overall research agenda? (Give 1 or 2 examples of recent projects)
  • Talk about how these connect to gun violence prevention.
  • What methods do you use in your work?
  • What are your current research interests?
  • What kind of collaborations are you looking for? (What opportunities do you have for other and what kind of opportunities are you looking for?)

Formatting suggestions:

  • Include a photo (participants will be able to find you at the event more easily)
  • Use widescreen format for your slides (uniformity from one presentation to the next will ensure your slide looks good/not distracting). See far right side of ‘Design’ tab to ensure you’re using the right size.


If you would like to, please feel free to download this template:
Template for Networking slides