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The Training and Development Core offers easily accessible support for career and research development at no cost.

The Training and Development Core is a “one-stop shop” for training, mentorship, research team development, and grant proposal writing for UConn investigators at all stages of their careers, from graduate students to tenured faculty. We offer extensive services including one-on-one support connecting with InCHIP Directors and Research Development Specialist, our NIH R-Series Boot Camp, FY20 seed grant competitions, grant proposal incubator, Ideas Labs, and NIH Career Award Writing Group (and more).

Training and Development Core Services

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Amy Gorin

Directed By InCHIP Director Amy Gorin, PhD.

Graduate Students

InCHIP offers many training and development services through this core to graduate students. Below you can find all of the workshops offered through the training and development core, as well as some resources for fellowship opportunities.

Lunch & Learn
Grad Student Funding

UConn Office of National Scholarships and Fellowships

The UConn Office of National Scholarships and Felowships provide a number of resources to graduate students interested in securing fellowship funding for during their graduate career. Please take a look at the link above to view some of their resources and services for graduate students.

Graduate School PCP

A handy new tool from the graduate school that provides a good overview of UConn events and resources available to graduate student, faculty,and post-docs. The events and resources are grouped into three categories: Personal growth, Career development, and Professional engagement, hence PCP).

Junior Faculty Services

InCHIP’s Training and Development core offers many different workshops and services for UConn junior faculty to take advantage of. This includes writing groups, a mentorship program and the grant writing bootcamp. The core also offers resources that can help you build a research team and get feedback on your project ideas. Have a suggestion for a training program not listed here? Email Amy Gorin Collaborators and Build Your Research TeamAccess MentoringGet Help Finding Funding

Lunch & Learn
Seed Grants
Convergence Awards Program

R-Series Bootcamp

Mid-Career and Senior Faculty Services

InCHIP’s Training and Development Core offers a number of workshops and research development that post-tenure faculty may be interested in.

Do you have a suggestion for a training program not listed here? Email Amy Gorin
Find Collaborators and Build Your Research TeamBecome a mentorGet Help Finding Funding

Lunch & Learn
Seed Grants
Convergence Awards Program



Mentoring Womenin Academia


  • MentorNet: Connects faculty and practitioners working in STEM and Healthcare fields with either a mentor or mentee.
  • Talk to mike about the SREM mentor/mentee match up system
  • Society for Teaching Psychology (APA): provides an opportunity for faculty to mentor or gain mentorship aimed disseminating greater expertise in teaching psychology.


  • #FundingFridays:The Department of Health and Human Services has a weekly blog on The blog features content and resources for current and prospective grant writers seeking to apply for federally funded grants.
  • Grants 101: This is info provided by that gets at the basics of grants.
  • InCHIP Funding Announcements: External Funding Announcements are posted onto the InCHIP website, this list has a lot of health related grants many of which are through the NIH.
  • Human Frontier Science Program: Art of Grantmanship.

Team Building & Interdisciplinary Research

  • Science of Team Science Resources:The Science of Team Science is of great interest to us at InCHIP, it basically refers to the process of managing and developing collaborative research teams. This site contains a number of resources, including, blogs/social media accounts, organizations, and articles that may be useful for building teams. (hereis a link to join their listserv for even more resources)
  • Team Science Toolkitt: The National Cancer Institute runs the Team Science website, which offers a good introduction to team science and the extent work going on within the field.

Training and Development Events