InCHIP Cores

The Cores at InCHIP offer services to facilitate collaboration and innovative research among researchers at UConn. We are constantly improving and expanding the activities of our Cores, so check back for updates or become an InCHIP Affiliate to receive the latest information about the opportunities we provide.

The Administrative Core is comprised of experienced professionals specializing in grant and subcontract management, financial planning and processing, human resources, and distribution of research findings and accomplishments. The Core collaborates with a range of individuals at the University and in the community, public, and private sectors, as well as with partners and colleagues throughout the world. The work and success of the Administrative Core has contributed substantially to InCHIP’s continued growth and achievement as a leading health behavior research institute.

The Training and Development Core offers support to UConn researchers developing their research agendas and funding portfolios. The Core will offer supportive services and training that engage with researchers at every stage in research process and at every stage in their career via the following means:

  • One-on-One meetings with InCHIP Directors and staff to develop research projects, find collaborators, and identify funding opportunities.
  • Hosting training events and programs, including a mentoring program, training workshops, and collaboration events.
  • Providing Grant Incubator Services, which will provide topic-specific research idea and grant development support from senior faculty with significant experience in the grant writing process.

The Community-Engaged Health Research Core will assist UConn researchers with making linkages to community researchers and Community-Based Organizations, provide guidance on how to effectively and cooperatively conduct community-engaged research, assist with community-engaged strategic and project planning, and provide resources about Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR).

The Intervention Core provides expertise and support to researchers across UConn, helping them design, implement, evaluate and disseminate innovative behavioral interventions. Successful interventions are a key step needed to translate health behavior research into actual improvements in people’s health. The Core will give researchers at UConn the ability to leverage InCHIP’s extensive experience in health behavior interventions, and help them develop rigorous, evidence-based interventions that can have a significant impact on the health of people around the world.

For your statistical needs, the Statistics Department provides a Statistical Consulting Services (SCS). Contact Dr. Ming Chen ( or fill out their online application which can be found here