Boundary Spanning Services

Availability: InCHIP Affiliates

Description: InCHIP offers extensive Boundary Spanning services to help researchers find collaborators across departments and disciplines. The Boundary Spanners at InCHIP provide a range of services dedicated to helping researchers build connections across UConn, and facilitating the development of innovative, interdisciplinary research programs. These services include:

  • Developing a list of appropriate funding opportunities for a specific research topic
  • Preparing a list of possible faculty collaborators for a specific research topic or funding opportunity
  • Conducting a review of previously funded grants in a research area
  • Coordinating meetings with potential collaborators, and providing required technical support (e.g., conference call lines, video conferencing)
  • Providing team building support, including development of team expectations
  • Promoting research findings on InCHIP website and social media accounts
  • Organizing workshops to develop research collaborations
  • Managing the development of research teams

Instructions: If you would like to utilize any of the InCHIP Boundary Spanning Services, please email with a brief description of your needs and your timeline, or contact one of the boundary spanners below:

List of People
Grace MorrisResearch Development Specialist & Boundary Spanner, InCHIP (Admin Staff)