ARMS Webinar Series: Panel 3, April 26, 2023

Panel 3

Date: Wednesday April 26, 2023 | 12PM-1:30PM Eastern

Title: Bearing the Burden: Women of Color, Guns, and the Legal System

Description: Women of color are more likely to be victims of domestic violence in the United States. This panel discusses this phenomenon as well as the unequal treatment women of color receive from the justice system from the higher likelihood of dual arrests to incarceration for self defense in domestic violence situations. The panel will also discuss black women becoming new gun owners as well as being more likely to bear the burden of losing a loved one due to domestic violence.

TaShun Bowden-Lewis, Chief Public Defender, State of Connecticut
Liz Tobin-Tyler, Associate Professor of Family Medicine, Associate Professor of Health Services, Policy and Practice

Moderator: Professor Jennifer Dineen (UConn ARMS)

Format: Via Zoom

InCHIP/ARMS/Brown Webinar 4-26-23


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