Important Notice on Proposal Submission Policy

OVPR Policy and InCHIP Pre-Award Services

InCHIP is committed to helping its affiliates successfully navigate the steps involved in submitting an extramural grant application.

InCHIP’s Grants Management Team’s primary services are to provide input, advice, and review of the following components of the grant proposal:

  • Internal administrative and funder-based forms such as the Internal Proposal Routing form, subcontract forms, and letters of intent.
  • Grant application components including the budget, budget justification, and biographical sketch.

InCHIP’s Grants Management Team will compile, review, revise, and submit proposals and forms on behalf of investigators to UConn’s Sponsored Program Services.

InCHIP’s Grant Management Team takes care of the administrative details of a grant application. That way, investigators can focus on science and have time to write and develop the meat of their proposals.”

Getting Started:

Investigators ready to submit a grant through InCHIP’s Grant Management Services must first submit a brief pre-award services form.

Pre-Award Services Form

OVPR Submission Policy

Beginning May 5, 2021, the Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) will start enforcing its deadline policy to submit external grant applications. For more information on this policy and its rationale, click here.

To meet these OVPR deadlines for new external grant submissions, we have updated the InCHIP timeline for PIs to make pre-award services requests, effective immediately.

InCHIP Pre-Award Services Form Submission Deadlines:

Type of Proposal

Deadline for Pre-Award Services Form

Proposals without subawards 10 Business Days before Sponsor Deadline
Proposals with subawards* 25 Business Days before Sponsor Deadline
Subaward proposals 10 Business Days before Sponsor Deadline
Resubmission proposals InCHIP Pre-Award Request form is not required. Please contact InCHIP as soon as you decide you are resubmitting your grant.

*Why do Proposals with Subawards need so much time? InCHIP’s Grants Management Team works with partnering organizations and institutions to prepare subaward paperwork and will ensure that everything is ready to go in time to meet the funder’s deadline. Often it takes a few weeks for partnering organizations and institutions to finalize all the documentation and submit subawards on their end.

If you can’t make these submission deadlines, please reach out as soon as possible to:

Grant Submission Timeline

  • 7 business days before the due date: PI sends draft of full application to InCHIP. Note: budget and supporting documents need to be in final form; science-related sections can be in draft form.
  • 5 business days before the due date by 9 am: InCHIP submits complete application on PI’s behalf to Sponsored Program Services.
  • 2 days before due date: Last date for PI/InCHIP to address any SPS requested formatting and guideline-related changes.
  • 12PM EST day before deadline: All science-related sections must be finalized and PI must give authorization for final submission by 11AM. InCHIP submits to SPS by 12PM EST.
  • 1-0 days before deadline: SPS submits application to sponsor.

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