Month: January 2020

Lecture on Elder Mistreatment featuring Eilon Caspi: 2/19

Elder mistreatment in long term care homes: The role of data-driven advocacy in policy and prevention

Eilon Caspi (Founder & Director, Dementia Behavior Consulting LLC)

Where and When:

February 19, 2020 from 12:30-1:30PM
InCHIP’s Colloquium Room (Room 14) in the J. Ray Ryan Building (Directions)


This presentation will provide a brief overview of the presenter’s applied research studies examining various forms of elder mistreatment in assisted living residences and nursing homes. Key findings from studies on neglect of healthcare, resident-to-resident incidents, financial exploitation, and thefts of opioid pain medications in these care settings will be described. The ways in which the findings have been used to inform improvements in policy, legislation, and care practices will be discussed. The ultimate goal of these studies and data-driven advocacy is to enable vulnerable and frail elders to realize their human and federal right to live in safe long-term care environments.

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