InCHIP Lecture Series: Courtney D. Cogburn

Please join us for our next event in the Fall 2019 InCHIP Lecture Series!

Courtney D. Cogburn, Ph.D.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

12:30 – 1:30pm

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“Racism, Anti-Racism, Health + Virtual Reality”

Dr. Cogburn is interested in the ways we characterize and measure racism and the effects of racism on racial inequities in health. She has focused on cultural racism and effects of media-based racism on acute physiological, psychological, and behavioral stress responses as well as associations between chronic psychosocial stress exposure and Black/White disparities in cardiovascular health and disease. She is also developing a project using data science approaches to explore links between media-based racism and population health. In a recent project, she has started to explore the use of virtual reality as a tool for improving understanding and engagement of structural racism.

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About the InCHIP Lecture Series
The InCHIP Lecture Series provides an invaluable forum for researchers – at InCHIP, throughout the UConn community and beyond – to learn about new work in development by leading figures in health behavior change. The InCHIP Lecture Series also provides a venue for researchers to share late-breaking findings and identify emerging trends in health behavior research. For the current semester schedule, visit the InCHIP 2019-2020 Lecture Page.