Looking for community organizations for your research project?

InCHIP’s Community-Engaged Health Research Core (CEHRC) is available to help you identify community partners in Hartford and throughout Connecticut with whom to collaborate on research projects. If you have a research idea and want to identify potential organizations with whom to work, let us know and we can help you find a good match.

In addition, we have access to community experts who can provide you with input/feedback on various aspects of your research project, including:

  • Participant compensation
  • Cultural and linguistic appropriateness of research documents (e.g., recruitment materials, consent documents, surveys)
  • Participant retention strategies
  • Simplifying the consent process
  • Demystifying entry points for community-based recruitment
  • Intervention design
  • Survey design
  • Translation of research findings into practice

To access the services offered by the Community-Engaged Health Research Core, please email: boundary.spanners@uconn.edu