InCHIP Lecture Series: Tamara Afifi 3/1/18

Please join us for our next event in the Spring 2018 InCHIP Lecture Series!

 “The Theory of Resilience and Relational Load: Implications for Families and Health”

Tamara Afifi, PhD
University of California, Santa Barbara
Thursday March 1, 2018
12:30 – 1:30pm

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Resilience is one of the most profound constructs across disciplines. Yet, the largely atheoretical nature of the research on resilience continues to make it elusive. This talk discusses a new theory of stress and resilience in close relationships—the Theory of Resilience and Relational Load (TRRL)–that fills this void in the literature. The theory bridges communicative, perceptual, and physiological aspects of stress within the context of social relationships to explain personal/relational risk, resilience and thriving. The TRRL examines how relational partners’ and family members’ communal orientation and maintenance of their relationships on a daily basis influence their communication during stressful moments, as well as their appraisals of the stress. The theory also details how these communication patterns and appraisals influence personal and relational health and adaptation. Finally, the concept of relational load is set forth, which is the wear and tear that chronic stress and depletion of one’s emotional, psychological and relational resources through repeated, stress-related conversations can have on relationships. Ultimately, people need to continually invest in their relationships to prevent relational load and foster resilience and possible thriving. The origination of the theory, which surfaced largely from Dr. Afifi’s work with families experiencing the Great Recession, will be also discussed. Finally, she will talk about the first test of the theory in the context of families with a child with type I diabetes.

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