Month: July 2017

Drs. Sherry Pagoto and Molly Waring from the University of Massachusetts Medical School to join InCHIP and the Department of Allied Health Sciences

InCHIP is pleased to announce that Drs. Sherry Pagoto and Molly Waring from the University of Massachusetts Medical School will be joining InCHIP and the Department of Allied Health Sciences at UConn in the fall.

Sherry Pagoto, PhD

Dr. Pagoto, a licensed clinical psychologist, is an international leader in digital health with over 160 published articles on topics related to the prevention of chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. She is the president-elect of the Society of Behavioral Medicine and is a respected advocate for health promotion and science communication with over 20,000 followers on Twitter. Dr. Pagoto’s research is funded by the National Institutes of Health and she brings over $6 million in grant funding to UConn including projects exploring ways to leverage social media and mobile apps for health behavior change. At InCHIP, Dr. Pagoto will be the Director of the UConn Center for mHealth and Social Media.The Center, located at InCHIP on the second floor of the Ray Ryan Building on the Storrs campus, will have a staff of 7 and will provide consultation to researchers on research design, recruitment, and data analyses for mHealth and online social networking studies, assist researchers in getting their mobile health apps and online intervention content developed, and provide training opportunities for faculty and staff in mHealth and social media. Dr. Pagoto will be Professor in the Department of Allied Health Sciences in College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources, where she will teach, advise and play an active role in the Health Promotion Sciences graduate program.

Molly Waring, PhD

Joining Dr. Pagoto is Dr. Molly Waring, an epidemiologist with a focus on technology-based weight management interventions for women who are pregnant or of child-bearing age. Dr. Waring was recently awarded a 3-year R34 from the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute to develop and pilot test a Facebook-delivered weight loss intervention in postpartum women. Dr. Waring will become Assistant Professor in the Department of Allied Health Sciences in the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources, where she will be active in teaching, conducting research, and advising, as well as contribute to the graduate program in Health Promotion Sciences.

The hiring of Drs. Pagoto and Waring and the creation of the UConn Center for mHealth and Social Media reflects InCHIP’s commitment to conducting world-class research in health promotion and greatly enhances UConn investigators’ ability to develop and test innovative mhealth interventions. Drs. Pagoto and Waring will both be active in InCHIP’s existing ehealth/mhealth Research Interest Group.

Please join us at our annual meeting on September 28th to welcome Drs. Pagoto and Waring and to learn more about the new Center for mHealth and Social Media.

From the Director

Dear InCHIP Affiliates, Staff, and Friends:

Jeff FisherYou may have heard that Vice President for Research Jeff Seemann announced recently (see below) that I will be retiring from UConn, effective August 22, 2018. We chose to announce my retirement well in advance to ensure a well-timed search for my successor, a smooth transition, and time to begin the planning process to assure InCHIP’s future success.

The announcement includes some nice things about my research career and about InCHIP’s accomplishments since it began in 2002. My research accomplishments have been a team effort. My NIH-supported HIV prevention research involved a wonderful twenty-five year collaboration with Dr. Bill Fisher, who happens to be my brother. Other long-term collaborators Drs. Deborah Cornman and Rivet Amico were important contributors for many years, as were many outstanding post-docs, graduate students, and professional employees.

Our success at InCHIP is due to a remarkable team of associate directors (Drs. Deborah Cornman and Amy Gorin), a “world-class” group of highly productive research faculty, and many dedicated and highly skilled professional employees. We have also had wonderful support from all levels of the University. The UConn administration has assured us that InCHIP will remain a high priority, as evidenced, in part, by their decision to launch a national search for my successor during challenging budgetary times. The search is, of course, also open to internal candidates. I am confident that what we have accomplished at InCHIP is just the beginning of an exciting future for the Institute.

Starting and directing InCHIP has been one of the highest privileges of my professional life. I am grateful to the University for giving us such a remarkable opportunity. I look forward to the next thirteen months as Director, and to working with you all, as we continue to encourage people, in many different contexts, to achieve their healthiest lives.

All the very best,

Jeffrey D. Fisher, Ph.D
Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor of Psychological Sciences
Director, Institute for Collaboration on Health, Intervention, and Policy
University of Connecticut
Storrs, Connecticut 06269

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