InCHIP Launches New Interprofessional Healthcare RIG

InCHIP is excited to announce its new Interprofessional Healthcare Research Interest Group (IPH RIG). The IPH RIG is the fifth RIG launched by InCHIP, and has been established in collaboration with the Committee on Interprofessional Excellence in Healthcare (CIPEH). The goal of the IPH RIG is to promote research that investigates the effect of interprofessional (IP) healthcare on patient-centered outcomes.

IP healthcare refers to a coordinated approach to care, where providers across the medical professions work together to develop and implement a patient’s care plan. This approach recognizes that every provider, from a patient’s dentist to their physician to their caregiver, has important perspectives and insights that must be considered to in order to provide the best possible care to the patient. The IPH RIG will focus on supporting the development of research projects that evaluate the impact of an IP approach on patient care and outcomes.

In pursuit of this mission, the IPH RIG will foster the formation of collaborative research teams, and sponsor networking events, workshops, and lectures focusing on the implementation of an IP approach in clinical and educational settings. In fact, the IPH RIG will be holding its first meeting on Monday, November 14, from 3:30-4:30pm, at the J. Ray Ryan Building. At this meeting, members will discuss possible directions for the group, develop ways to promote IP research, and explore possible funding avenues for IP research projects.

Additionally, the IPH RIG is sponsoring a seed grant completion with CIPEH. The competition will award two grants of up to $5,000 each to stimulate new research on the effectiveness of interprofessional health sciences education, patient care, and outreach initiatives. The Letter of Intent for this grant is due December 16, 2016. To learn more about this opportunity, visit the webpage for the seed grant here.

The IPH RIG is chaired by Michelle Judge (PhD, RD, CD-N, School of Nursing). InCHIP Associate Director Amy Gorin (PhD, Psychological Sciences) will also be contributing to the leadership of the RIG.

You can learn more about the IPH RIG in general on its webpage here. If you would like to join the IPH RIG, please email If you would like to attend the RIG meeting on November 14 as well, please include this in your email.