CHIP Admin Team Wins New UConn Spirit Award

CHIP Director Jeff Fisher and the CHIP Administrative Team are pictured with UConn President Susan Herbst and Jonathan the UConn Husky.

UConn President Susan Herbst recognized the CHIP Administrative Team Wednesday, March 4th with a UConn Spirit Award, presented at a ceremony and reception in the Student Union ballroom.

The University created the UConn Spirit Awards, a new employee recognition program, to celebrate individuals and teams who consistently exceed expectations and make positive contributions to the workplace and to the University.

There are four different categories of UConn Spirit Awards – the Rising Star Award, the Unsung Hero Award, the Team Award, and the Peer Recognition Award – with one individual or team winner for each category.

The CHIP Administrative Team received the Team Award for “making it possible for CHIP and its researchers to make significant contributions to scientific knowledge and public health worldwide,” President Herbst said.

Since 2002, CHIP has grown from administering $1.4 million to $50 million in active research grants.

In their nomination of the CHIP Administrative Team, CHIP Director Jeff Fisher and CHIP Associate Director Deborah Cornman wrote:

“Over the years, our team has sometimes had to deal with tight deadlines, inadequate equipment and facilities, serious staff illnesses and other difficult situations, and they have always gone above and beyond to get the job done. Most of CHIP’s Principal Investigators regularly say they could not have done what they accomplished without the help of our stellar administrative team.”

The CHIP Administrative Team includes: Susan Hoge, Melissa Stone, Lynne Hendrickson, AnnMarie White, Kathy Moriarty, Chris Tarricone, Josh Hardin, Beth Krane, Kelsey Barton-Henry, and Lisa McDevitt.

The UConn Spirit Awards recognition program was developed based on a recommendation contained in the 2013 report of the Workplace Civility Climate Survey that was conducted by the Something’s Happening Committee, a University-wide group of administrators, faculty, and staff, including representatives from the three employee bargaining units.