CHIP Graduate Student Affiliate David Finitsis Featured in UConn Today

David FinitsisCHIP Graduate Student Affiliate David Finitsis was featured in a story in UConn Today on March 12, 2014, titled, “The Health Benefits of Texting.” Together with his co-authors, psychology professor (and CHIP PI) Blair T. Johnson and Jennifer Pellowski, a graduate student in social psychology, Finitsis conducted a meta-analysis of eight randomized controlled trials that examined the effects of texting between health care providers and patients using antiretroviral drug therapy for the control of HIV/AIDS.

An excerpt from the piece:

What Finitsis and his colleagues discovered in their analysis was that the use of text messaging between health care providers and their patients living with HIV/AIDS significantly improved adherence to drug regimens. An additional finding was that patients participating in the texting trials had significantly decreased viral load when compared to control groups consisting of individuals who were receiving standard care. This means they are less likely to infect others, providing that normal precautions, such as the use of condoms during sex, are followed.

Finitsis says the technology enables communication via cell phones wherever there are cell towers, including the United States, Europe, and even developing countries such as those in sub-Saharan Africa, where the HIV/AIDS epidemic has been particularly severe.