CHIP Affiliate William Zempsky Featured in Hartford Courant

CHIP Affiliate William Zempsky was featured in a story in the Hartford Courant on February 21, 2014, titled, “Doctor’s Dilemma: Dosing Medical Marijuana.”

An excerpt from the piece:

But it’s not like any other pharmaceutical, Zempsky and other physicians have pointed out. It doesn’t have federal approval or the guidelines that come with it, and there are none of the large-scale clinical trials that other medications go through. The drug’s active ingredients haven’t been isolated so patients cannot know exactly what — and how much of them — they are consuming.

“With marijuana, there’s no homogeneity,” Zempsky said. “It’s a mixture of several different things, and there are impurities. If it was inspected the way they do other drugs, they would never allow it on the market.”