Letter of Intent due 12/6 for Obesity, eHealth/mHealth, and Graduate Student Seed Grants

CHIP is pleased to announce a new UCHC-UConn Storrs Seed Grant Opportunity in Cancer Control and increased funding for the CHIP Seed Grants for Obesity Research and eHealth/mHealth Research.

The new UCHC-UConn Storrs Seed Grant Opportunity in Cancer Control is sponsored by the Dean of the UConn School of Medicine, the UConn Vice President for Research, and CHIP. This initiative will fund three dual-PI grants of $35,000 each and is open to research teams consisting of one PI from UCHC and one from UConn Storrs (UConn Storrs includes the regional campuses). Letters of intent from the dual-PI teams are due no later than January 17, 2014.

In addition, we have recently secured additional funds from the Vice President for Research and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences for the previously-announced CHIP Seed Grant Funding Opportunities, for which only CHIP affiliates are eligible. The revisions are as follows:

Each of these seed grant announcements can be downloaded via the hyperlinks above.

Please contact Jennifer Wang at Jennifer.Wang@chip.uconn.edu if you have questions about any of the seed grant opportunities.

For the full list of seed grant opportunities available through CHIP, including Pre-Submission Grant Reviews, please visit the CHIP Seed Grants and Awards webpage at: http://www.chip.uconn.edu/chip-business-office/seed-grants-and-awards/.