Dr. Randall Jorgensen, PhD, Speaking at CHIP Thursday, November 14, 2013

On ThursdayNovember 14, 2013, from 12:30 – 1:30 pm, the CHIP lecture series continues with a talk by Randall Jorgensen, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology at Syracuse University, about “A Bio-psychosocial Synergistic Perspective of Cardiovascular Disease.” This is co-sponsored by the Department of Kinesiology.

The lecture will be in Video Conference Room 204 on the second floor of Ryan at 2006 Hillside Road at the University of Connecticut in Storrs.  For a map of the area, look at http://www.chip.uconn.edu/about/directions-to-chip/.

You can also view this talk streamed live during or after the lecture at the following link: https://mediasite.dl.uconn.edu/Mediasite/Play/e0e1d214a1814e91a9a61d51e630a4341d.

Randall Jorgensen, Ph.D.Born and raised in L.A. County, Professor Jorgensen received his A.B. from UCLA, where he was influenced by such Professors Lovaas, Hewett, and Goodman, providing a foundation ranging from behavioristic to interpersonal, client centered clinical perspectives. While pursuing his doctorate in the APA program at the University of Kansas, Professor Jorgensen’s interests started to encompass research methodology and statistics, personality theory in relation to clinical practice and research, cardiovascular psychophysiology, health psychology and behavioral medicine, all influenced by the guidance of Professors B. Kent Houston, Franklin Shontz, and Beatrice Wright.  A post-doctoral fellowship in behavioral cardiology enhanced his knowledge of stress, life-style factors, and cardiovascular disease.  In collaboration with former SU professor Blair Johnson, Dr. Jorgensen formulated a bio-psychosocial synergistic theoretical perspective of the linkages among personality, biology, and environmental factors related to high blood pressure development. This perspective serves as the foundation of the research of Professor Jorgensen and his graduate students.