CHIP Featured Employee for March

Sam SalorioSam Salorio is CHIP’s featured employee for the month of March. If you don’t already know him and his role at CHIP, we invite you to read this brief Q&A with him…

How many years have you worked at CHIP/ UConn? I worked as a student employee at CHIP for several years, and have now been a full time employee for around a year and a half.

What are your primary responsibilities? I am an IT Consultant at CHIP, which encompasses a broad range of IT services, including desktop support, website management and design, management of CHIP software licenses, management of CHIP’s server infrastructure, user account management and provisioning. One of my most valuable services is researching and recommending custom software & hardware solutions to meet the diverse research needs of our PIs. I also frequently work as a liaison between researchers at CHIP and any external IT services that they pursue, such as application development. Additionally, I oversee our CHIP IT Student Employees.

What is your favorite part of working at CHIP? The huge windows next to my desk – I love my view. I also really enjoy the research atmosphere at CHIP, and getting brief insight into so many varied topics of research to which I would otherwise never be exposed.

Please share a little bit about your professional life before CHIP.  Prior to entering UConn, I worked at a local audio/visual consulting firm that designs professional integrated audio/video systems, typically for environments such as auditoriums or boardrooms, etc. I was in charge of CAD, computer-aided drafting, which consisted of drawing the blueprints of the systems, and indicating where all the components would be located, how they would be installed, and how they would be interconnected. Later, when we started hiring more CAD employees, I supervised and trained our new hires, as well as established standardized practices and tools for drafting.

What is your favorite place or event on campus, or your favorite Huskies Team?  Well, living in Mansfield, I obviously grew up watching basketball, but I’d personally rather watch the hockey team. My favorite spot on campus would probably be the EEB Greenhouses attached to the Torrey Life Sciences building; they have a spectacularly diverse collection of plant life from around the world. I would highly recommend taking a stroll through it.

What are we most likely to find you doing when you are not at work?  I enjoy a wide variety of outdoor activities, but once it gets warmer, you are most likely to find me fishing somewhere along the Fenton.