Month: March 2013

Dr. Cheryl Oncken, PhD, Speaking at CHIP Thursday, April 4, 2013

On Thursday, April 4, 2013, from 12:30 – 1:30 pm, the lecture series continues with Cheryl Oncken, MD, MPH, Professor at the Department of Medicine/OBGYN, UConn Health Center, who presents about “Behavioral and Pharmacological Treatments for Pregnant Smokers.”

The lecture will be in Video Conference Room 204 on the second floor of Ryan at 2006 Hillside Road at the University of Connecticut in Storrs.  For a map of the area, look at It is co-sponsored by the UConn Department of Kinesiology.

You can also view this talk streamed live during or after the lecture at the following link:

Cheryl OnckenCheryl A. Oncken, MD, MPH, is Professor of Medicine and Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine. She is also Director of the Clinical Research Center at the University of Connecticut Health Center. After completing her undergraduate studies and receiving her MD at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, Dr. Oncken earned her Master’s in Public Health at the University of Minnesota School of Public Health, Division of Epidemiology. During her Master’s Degree she received the John Hawley Award for the advancement of Public Health. She completed her residency requirements in Internal Medicine at the Hennepin County Medical Center, Minneapolis.  She completed a Fellowship in General Medicine at the University of Minnesota.

Dr. Oncken is internationally recognized for her work on the treatment of smoking in women.   She has conducted numerous smoking cessation trials in pregnant women including behavioral interventions (peer support counseling, intensive psychosocial counseling and telephone follow-up), short term studies of the safety of nicotine replacement therapy during pregnancy, and one randomized controlled trial of nicotine gum for smoking cessation during pregnancy. She is also interested in interventions to reduce tobacco exposure during pregnancy in low and middle income countries and co-facilitated international workgroups in this topic area. She is currently a member of the World Health Organization Committee developing guidelines for the treatment of tobacco use and second hand exposure during pregnancy.

Dr. Oncken has contributed to over 60 peer reviewed articles on smoking related research. She has authored 5 book chapters, and has been an invited speaker at more than 50 Advisory Board Meetings, Symposia, and Conferences. She is a board certified practicing internist at the University of Connecticut Health Center. She has been a Presenter at the Medicine Grand Rounds and since 1995 has contributed to a number of Continuing Medical Education Seminars for smoking cessation.

“Obesity from Bench to Bedside” Seminar at UConn

The full flyer for this event, including a list of presentations, is available for download here

Obesity from Bench to Bedside: Potential for Cross-Campus Research Collaborations

Overview talks by four UConn obesity researchers followed by networking and refreshments

Obesity and being overweight has been characterized by the National Institutes of Health as the leading health issue of our time. Faculty members across the UConn campuses have been investigating genetic and behavioral risk factors as well as understanding the societal milieu that promotes sedentary lifestyles and sub-optimal eating patterns. More work is required, and multi-disciplinary teams such as UConn’s Obesity Research Interest Group (ORIG) offer the most likely approaches for success. This seminar was developed as a vehicle to expand the ORIG’s membership and to exchange information among individuals interested in conducting obesity-related research across the campuses.

When: April 2, 2013, 1:30-3pm

Where: Low Learning Center, UConn Health Center, 263 Farmington Ave., Farmington, CT

Please RSVP by March 29th here.

You can view the seminar live during or after the lecture at this website.

If you are interested in joining the Obesity Research Interest Group, contact Alicia Dugan at

The event is sponsored by the Center for Health, Intervention, and Prevention (CHIP) and the Connecticut Institute for Clinical and Translational Science (CICATS)

Dr. Kees Rietmeijer, PhD, Speaking at CHIP Thursday, March 28, 2013

On Thursday, March 28, 2013, from 12:30 – 1:30 pm, the lecture series hosts a talk by Cornelis “Kees” Rietmeijer, Ph.D., M.D., Professor of Public Health at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and President, Rietmeijer Consulting, LLC about “Prevention Paradox: HIV decline may lead to STI increase.”

The lecture will be in Video Conference Room 204 on the second floor of Ryan at 2006 Hillside Road at the University of Connecticut in Storrs.  For a map of the area, look at   It is co-sponsored by the UConn Office of the Vice President for Research.

You can also view this talk streamed live during or after the lecture at the following link:

Cornelis Rietmeijer, PhD, MD, MSPH, works as an independent STI/HIV prevention consultant.  Dr. Rietmeijer is a graduate of the University of Amsterdam where he received his Medical Degree in 1977 and completed his residency in family practice in 1981. He received his Masters of Science in Public Health from the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center in 1991 and his PhD from the University of Amsterdam in 2004. He is been board-certified in General Preventive Medicine since 1993. He retired from the Denver Public Health Department in 2009 where he served as the medical director of the Denver AIDS Prevention Program from 1991-2003 and as the director of the Department’s Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Control Program from 2003 until his retirement. He founded the Denver HIV/STI Behavioral and Social Interventions Training in 1995.  Currently, Dr. Rietmeijer is a Professor in the Department of Community and Behavioral Health at the Colorado School of Public Health and is the medical director of the clinical branch of the Denver STD Prevention Training Center. His major research interests are in STI behavioral and operational research and the role of the Internet and other new media as tools for STI and HIV prevention.

He is the editor of STD Prevention Online, a networking site for HIV and STI prevention professionals. He is also an associate editor of the journal Sexually Transmitted Diseases and the President-Elect of the American Sexually Transmitted Diseases Association.  Recently, Dr. Rietmeijer has worked and traveled extensively in southern Africa, where he has been involved in the development and roll-out of a comprehensive behavioral intervention training program for HIV prevention officials and has conducted STI workshops for clinicians and nurses.  Dr. Rietmeijer is the 2012 recipient of the Jack Spencer Award, presented every two years by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for “a career of exceptional contributions to excellence in sexually transmitted disease prevention characterized by outstanding commitment to science based programs, continuous innovation, and profound commitment to helping people.”

CHIP Featured Employee for March

Sam SalorioSam Salorio is CHIP’s featured employee for the month of March. If you don’t already know him and his role at CHIP, we invite you to read this brief Q&A with him…

How many years have you worked at CHIP/ UConn? I worked as a student employee at CHIP for several years, and have now been a full time employee for around a year and a half.

What are your primary responsibilities? I am an IT Consultant at CHIP, which encompasses a broad range of IT services, including desktop support, website management and design, management of CHIP software licenses, management of CHIP’s server infrastructure, user account management and provisioning. One of my most valuable services is researching and recommending custom software & hardware solutions to meet the diverse research needs of our PIs. I also frequently work as a liaison between researchers at CHIP and any external IT services that they pursue, such as application development. Additionally, I oversee our CHIP IT Student Employees.

What is your favorite part of working at CHIP? The huge windows next to my desk – I love my view. I also really enjoy the research atmosphere at CHIP, and getting brief insight into so many varied topics of research to which I would otherwise never be exposed.

Please share a little bit about your professional life before CHIP.  Prior to entering UConn, I worked at a local audio/visual consulting firm that designs professional integrated audio/video systems, typically for environments such as auditoriums or boardrooms, etc. I was in charge of CAD, computer-aided drafting, which consisted of drawing the blueprints of the systems, and indicating where all the components would be located, how they would be installed, and how they would be interconnected. Later, when we started hiring more CAD employees, I supervised and trained our new hires, as well as established standardized practices and tools for drafting.

What is your favorite place or event on campus, or your favorite Huskies Team?  Well, living in Mansfield, I obviously grew up watching basketball, but I’d personally rather watch the hockey team. My favorite spot on campus would probably be the EEB Greenhouses attached to the Torrey Life Sciences building; they have a spectacularly diverse collection of plant life from around the world. I would highly recommend taking a stroll through it.

What are we most likely to find you doing when you are not at work?  I enjoy a wide variety of outdoor activities, but once it gets warmer, you are most likely to find me fishing somewhere along the Fenton.

Dr. Udi Davidovich, PhD, Speaking at CHIP Thursday, March 7, 2013

On Thursday, March 7, 2012, from 12:30 – 1:30 pm, we welcome special visiting professor Udi Davidovich, PhD, Senior Researcher, Department of Research, Cluster Infectious Diseases, Amsterdam Public Health Service, the Netherlands, who will to give a lunch-time lecture about “New realities in the prevention of HIV among MSM: the trials and tribulations of risk reduction strategies other than condom use.”

The lecture will be in Video Conference Room 204 on the second floor of Ryan at 2006 Hillside Road at the University of Connecticut in Storrs.  For a map of the area, look at   It is co-sponsored by the UConn Office of the Vice President for Research.

You can also view this talk streamed live during or after the lecture at the following link:

Udi DavidovichDavidovich is a social and clinical psychologist. He works at the Amsterdam Public Health Service as a senior researcher and head of the unit for Online Research and Prevention (ORP).

Since 1998, Udi concentrated on the study of the determinants of HIV and STD related sexual risk behaviour among different risk groups and the translation of thesis findings into prevention strategies. In recent years, Udi dedicated efforts to the development of tools for the study of sexual risk behaviour and the development and evaluation of HIV and STD prevention interventions using the internet as a delivery tool. Udi is an annual guest lecturer at the University of Amsterdam, at the Medical Biology department; The Free University of Amsterdam at the Communication Science faculty, and the University of Leiden, at the faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences. Since 2006 Udi is an International Editorial Board member of the Journal AIDS Care.