Month: October 2012

CHIP Featured Employee for October

Stacey Leeds is CHIP’s featured employee for the month of October. Stacey currently is a part-time Administrative Specialist, who has worked at CHIP since July of 2004. To put that in perspective, she began working at CHIP a year after CHIP moved into its current location in the Ryan Refectory building, but before CHIP expanded to the second floor. Her primary responsibilities include (1) coordinating the CHIP internal seed grant competition, (2) planning and managing the CHIP Lecture Series, which involves about 20 presentations per year at CHIP by world class health behavior researchers, and (3) addressing facility issues, including office usage, new space requirements, and building maintenance and security. Stacey also oversees CHIP’s multiple LISTSERVs and helps to facilitate the Annual CHIP Meeting and other CHIP-related events. Lastly, she assists with other special projects each year at the request of the Director and Associate Director.

Thank you, Stacey!

Social Psychologist Rick Gibbons Joins UConn Faculty and CHIP

Rick GibbonsCHIP PI Rick Gibbons has been featured in UConn Today

“It’s safe to say that Rick Gibbons enjoyed the environment at Dartmouth College in Hanover, N.H. But when he heard that UConn was launching a campaign to hire outstanding faculty from across the academic landscape, he was interested.

Gibbons, a social psychologist and a distinguished professor previously at Iowa State University, and his wife Meg Gerrard, also a professor of psychology at Iowa State, had made the move to…”

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