Month: September 2010

CHIP Helps Psych Research Earn No. 2 Spot in Nation

CHIP Principal Investigators (PIs) helped UConn’s Psychology Department earn the No. 2 spot in the National Science Foundation’s annual ranking of federal research funding.  CHIP Director Jeffrey Fisher and CHIP PIs Seth Kalichman, Blair Johnson and Kerry Marsh were among the CHIP PIs whose research grants contributed to the ranking and who were cited in the following UConn Today article:

CHIP PI Stephanie Milan Among UConn Fulbright Recipients

CHIP Principal Investigator (PI) Stephanie Milan, an associate professor of clinical psychology, is one of seven UConn faculty membes awarded a Fulbright Scholar award this year. She will spend six months in Kenya, teaching and consulting on course development in the new Master’s Program in Clinical Psychology at the University of Nairobi. Milan also will conduct a collaborative research project with department faculty to develop locally validated measures of children’s mental health.

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