Biostatistics and Methodology Core

The Biostatistics and Methodology Core can provides a range of services, including:

  • Pre-award Services: The Core can support the development of statistically rigorous external grant proposals. These pre-award services will be provided free of charge to InCHIP Affiliates who are submitting the grant proposal through InCHIP. Statistical experts will meet with the investigators to determine the goals of the proposal, and provide recommendations for the design of the study. This could include recommendations for survey design, the development of appropriate data collection and statistical analysis techniques, and power analyses to ensure adequate sample sizes. Additionally, the experts will contribute written sections directly to the grant proposal as a co-investigator. The statistical experts will also be included in the proposed grant budget for their percent effort as a long-term collaborator for the project.
  • Research Design and Data Collection Support: The Core will provide support for certain aspects of the execution of a funded research project. Statistical experts will initially meet with the investigators to determine the level of statistical consulting required, and will then develop a plan to best support the project. This plan could include assisting with study or survey design, the development of appropriate data collection and coding techniques, appropriate data analytic techniques, and ensuring that the study will produce useful and relevant data.
  • Data Analysis and Article Writing: The Core will conduct and provide support for modern data analytic techniques and the use of statistical software packages. Statistical experts will first meet with the investigators to discuss the goals for the analysis, and determine the types of support the Core can offer and the cost that may be involved. Following any statistical analysis, the experts will provide a written report of their analysis, including an explanation of the techniques that were used. Additionally, the experts may contribute statistical analysis sections directly to publications in peer-reviewed journals as a co-author.
  • Training and Mentoring: Experts associated with the Core can also provide training and mentoring in analytic techniques, study design, and the use of statistical software packages, as requested by the investigators. This training will provide the opportunity for the investigators to develop experience in techniques and methodologies not commonly taught in their disciplines, allowing them to create stronger research programs and more competitive funding applications.