Biostatistics and Methodology Core


The goal of the Biostatistics and Methodology Core is to provide members of the UConn community with the expertise and experience necessary to conduct innovative and statistically rigorous research, and to enable them to compete very successfully for research grants in the health sciences. Members of the UConn community will be able to use the Core to connect with a range of statistics experts, and to establish long-term collaborations for innovative research into health and health behavior. To this end, the Core facilitates statistical support by experienced UConn faculty members, which is described in detail below. A list of the experts associated with the Core can be found in the experts tab above.


The Biostatistics and Methodology Core is directed by Tania B. Huedo-Medina (PhD, Allied Health Sciences). Dr. Huedo-Medina has extensive experience collaborating with investigators from a wide range of health-related disciplines, and conducting cutting-edge statistical research. She is assisted in the administration of the Core by Eva Yujia Li (PhD Candidate, Measurement, Evaluation & Assessment; MS Candidate, Statistics).

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Office Hours

The Biostatistics and Methodology Core offers office hours during the Fall and Spring semesters. The Core Director and/or Graduate Assistant will be available during these hours to answer questions about applying for statistical support and to provide help finding statistical experts for research projects. The Core office is located in Room 22 of the J. Ray Ryan Building. The office hours for the Fall 2016 semester are Monday and Wednesday, from 1:00-5:00pm, and Thursday, from 3:00-5:00pm, unless otherwise posted at the Core office.


The Biostatistics and Methodology Core provides three types of services: pre-award services, short-term statisitcal support, and long-term statistical support. When planning your request, please note that it may take at least two weeks for the Core to identify an appropriate statistical expert and arrange the initial consultation.

Pre-award services will be provided free of charge to any investigator who is both an InCHIP Affiliate and who will be submitting their external grant proposal through InCHIP. It is expected that the statistical expert that contributes to the grant proposal will be included in the proposed grant budget for their percent effort as a long-term collaborator for the project. The types of services included in pre-award services are listed in the Services tab above.

Short-term statistical support assists only with a specific part of a project, for a limited period of time. This short-term support will be managed by the Core Director, who will ensure that there are clear expectations about the kinds of support that will be provided. In general, it is expected that short-term support will only require 10 hours or less of support from a statistical expert. These short-term consultations will be managed by the Core Director, who will ensure that needs of the investigators can be met by the expert. Additionally, please note that, in general, it will be expected that the expert will be included as a co-author on any resulting publication.

Long-term statistical support provides expertise over the duration of a research project. For this kind of support, the Core will primarily act to connect an appropriate statistical expert with an investigator, and will not manage any of the actual services provided by the expert. It is expected that the expert will be added to the grant budget for their percent effort and/or be listed as a co-author on the resulting paper. Under this arrangement, the Core will not manage or guarantee any of the work done by the expert, but will instead help the investigator and expert establish their collaborative relationship. The enforcement of any collaboration agreement will be the sole responsibility of the investigator and expert.

A more complete list of the services offered by the Core can be found in the “Services” tab above. To request any type of service, please fill out the services request form:

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Research Assistant Searches

The Biostatistics and Methodology Core can help investigators find qualified graduate students with statistical expertise to serve as research assistants on health-related projects. To request help connecting with these graduate students, please fill out the research assistant search request form:

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