Administrative Core

InCHIP’s Administrative Core is comprised of experienced professionals specializing in grant and subcontract management, financial planning and processing, human resources, and distribution of research findings and accomplishments. The Core collaborates with a range of individuals at the University and in the community, public, and private sectors, as well as with partners and colleagues throughout the world. The work and success of the Administrative Core has contributed substantially to InCHIP’s continued growth and achievement as a leading health behavior research institute.

InCHIP Business Office Staff Assignments

Availability: InCHIP Affiliates

Description: InCHIP offers extensive Boundary Spanning services to help researchers find collaborators across departments and disciplines. The Boundary Spanners at InCHIP provide a range of services dedicated to helping researchers build connections across UConn, and facilitating the development of innovative, interdisciplinary research programs. These services include:

  • Developing a list of appropriate funding opportunities for a specific research topic
  • Preparing a list of possible faculty collaborators for a specific research topic or funding opportunity
  • Conducting a review of previously funded grants in a research area
  • Coordinating meetings with potential collaborators, and providing required technical support (e.g., conference call lines, video conferencing)
  • Providing team building support, including development of team expectations and
  • Promoting research findings on InCHIP website and social media accounts
  • Organizing workshops to develop research collaborations
  • Managing the development of research teams

Instructions: To request InCHIP Boundary Spanning Services, please email with a brief description of your needs and your timeline.

More Information: If you have any questions, please email

Availability: Faculty, staff, students, and affiliates conducting InCHIP-related business and research

Description: InCHIP offers digital cameras, camcorders, and audio recorders for both on-site and off-site use (limited to a maximum of 14 days per request). InCHIP IT staff are available for technical assistance with all of the equipment. The available equipment includes:

  • Cannon PowerShot G10 (Digital Camera)
  • Cannon Rebel T5i (DSLR Camera)
  • Cannon Vixia HFS20 (Camcorder)
  • GoPro Hero4 Black
  • Zoom H4 Handy Recorder (Audio Recorder)

Instructions: To request a loan of any of the equipment listed above, please email at least one week in advance of the date the equipment is needed. Additionally, if you already have equipment on loan, please notify immediately of any requests to extend the return time so it can determined whether or not InCHIP can accommodate the request. Please note that the recipient will bear responsibility for the on-time return of all equipment in the same condition as at the time of release. The equipment must be returned with all digital content removed from the hard drive. Individuals will be held responsible for any damaged or missing equipment.

In the event of exceptional circumstances (e.g., dissertation defense by non-affiliate student), the Director or Associate Director may be asked to review the sign-out request.

More Information: If you have any questions, please contact

Availability: InCHIP Faculty Affiliates at UConn

Description: InCHIP is committed to helping its affiliates navigate the steps involved in submitting an extramural grant application, and if awarded, the InCHIP’s Grants Management Team is available to assist InCHIP affiliates in processing the grant through the post-award period.

The primary services of the InCHIP Grants Management Team are to provide input, advice, and review of the following parts of the grant proposal submission:

  • Biographical Sketch
  • Budget
  • Budget justification
  • Grant Application
  • Resources pages
  • Internal proposal routing form
  • Financial cost disclosure forms
  • Subcontract forms and letters of intent
  • Just-In-Time information
  • Post Submission Sponsor Requests

The Post-Award services provided are:

  • Account setup
  • Payroll Authorizations
  • Sub-award/ Consultant setup
  • Travel
  • Grant Purchases
  • Advances for Participant Incentive Costs
  • Budget Projection Reports
  • Progress Reports
  • Closeouts

Instructions: Please review the InCHIP guidelines for both Pre and Post Award in more detail listed here:

After reviewing these guidelines, you can request InCHIP’s Grant Management Support by submitting a request for InCHIP Pre-Award Grant Services through the online form here:

Request for InCHIP Pre-Award Grant Services

Helpful Links: Some links that may help you prepare your grant applications include:

More Information: If you have any questions, please contact

Availability: InCHIP Researchers with Active Grants Managed by InCHIP

Description: The InCHIP Business Office provides Personnel/Human Resources support to PIs and staff in the areas of employment/recruitment, payroll and labor relations. This support is provided to PIs and staff for Personnel/Human Resources issues relating to staff and graduate and undergraduate students who are funded by InCHIP grants.


Helpful Links: Some links that may help you manage your personnel include:

More Information: If you have any questions, please email

Availability: InCHIP Researchers with Active InCHIP Grants

Description: InCHIP IT’s mission is to provide specialized technical excellence and the core competencies to work closely and collaboratively with InCHIP researchers to perform the type of IT-intensive, cutting-edge, health behavior and health behavior change research which is InCHIP’s hallmark. The success of InCHIP’s grants is heavily dependent on the availability of its IT staff, which has direct knowledge of health-related research and related methodologies, immediate access to the systems hosting and collecting data, a thorough understanding of the data collection process and underlying IT systems, and strong established relationships with InCHIP’s subcontractors’ IT staffs. InCHIP IT services, which are specialized and articulated to the Institute’s focus on health behavior change, have made it possible for InCHIP PIs to win very substantial external grants, which, in turn, have contributed markedly to the University’s reputation, and which have returned significant indirect costs to the University.

More Information: For more information about the services provided by InCHIP IT, please visit their website here.

Availability: InCHIP Researchers with Active Grants Managed by InCHIP

Description: InCHIP has limited office and laboratory space available in the J. Ray Ryan Building for use by InCHIP Researchers with Active Grants managed by InCHIP.

Instructions: To request a long-term assignment of research office space at InCHIP, or to request a renewal of long-term research office space at InCHIP, please review the InCHIP Research Office Use Guidelines and complete the Request for Long-Term Research Office Space at InCHIP form.

Facilities Issues at InCHIP: If there is a facilities issue with your space at InCHIP, please fill out the form here. If there is an issue outside of business hours that needs immediate attention, please contact UConn Facilities directly at (860)-486-3113.

More Information: If you have any questions, please email

Availability: InCHIP Affiliates Conducting Participant Studies or Research-Related Meetings

Description: InCHIP has a number of rooms that may be used by InCHIP affiliates for running participants in research projects or for holding research-related meetings. These rooms can be reserved on both a one-time and recurring basis. A list of rooms available through InCHIP and information about availability can be found here. Additionally, the following equipment may be checked-out for use during any meeting at InCHIP:

  • Polycom Soundstation Pod with dedicated conference call line
  • Dell Latitude Laptop
  • Skype Speakerphone (USB)
  • Adapters for Mini DisplayPort-to-VGA and Mini DisplayPort-to-HDMI

If you would like to reserve any of this equipment for your meeting, please indicate this in the IT Support section when filling out the room request forms below.

Instructions: Requests for InCHIP meeting and research space must be submitted at least three business days before the requested date in order to guarantee a timely response. To request a room, please fill out the appropriate form listed below:

More Information: If you have any questions, please email

Availability: InCHIP Faculty Affiliates Submitting Grants through InCHIP

Description: InCHIP affiliates at the University of Connecticut who are in the process of preparing grant proposals for submission through InCHIP to external funding agencies may apply to InCHIP for an internal review by one or more experienced InCHIP investigators, or experts in the field the grant is in outside of InCHIP, prior to submission of the grant. Applications to become an InCHIP affiliate can be found on the Affiliate Application page. If InCHIP does not have expertise “in house,” you may suggest experts who could provide a helpful review (e.g., former members of an NIMH review panel). InCHIP will pay an honorarium to them for their review. This provides investigators with the opportunity to have their proposal reviewed by InCHIP investigators, or others with extensive experience in the field of focus in the grant, as well as successful grant writing and grant review experience. In addition to reviews of content, InCHIP will also arrange for reviews of statistics or methodology if deemed critical to the success of a grant proposal.


  1. Individuals wishing to apply for internal review of an external grant proposal should contact the Director of InCHIP by letter or email at least 2 months prior to the submission date for the external grant. This permits the Director time to select, notify, and obtain consent, as well time to obtain a review from qualified reviewers. Your letter should be accompanied by an abstract, and a brief description of the project that addresses the scope of the work, its anticipated contribution to the field, and its interest to a particular funding agency. The letter should also indicate key personnel and collaborators on the grant.
  2. Please include with your request the names and contact information of two internal reviewers at InCHIP and two external reviewers (outside of InCHIP) whose expertise would be highly relevant to review your proposal.
  3. Proposals being submitted to InCHIP for external review should be more or less completely written and in the final format required by the funding agency prior to InCHIP sending them out for external review. Grants for external review should be sent at least a month before the submission deadline so the reviewer’s comments can be incorporated into the final grant application.

More Information: If you have any questions, please email

Availability: InCHIP Researchers with Active Grants Managed by InCHIP

Description: The InCHIP Business Office assists PIs with purchasing of goods and or/services on InCHIP grants. Purchasing includes credit card purchases, purchase orders, subawards, consulting agreements, participant incentives, and reimbursement of emergency out-of-pocket expenses. We provide purchasing assistance to PIs so that procurement decisions are made in compliance with Federal, State and University policies.

Instructions: Guidelines for InCHIP Purchasing can be found here, and the InCHIP Purchase Request Form can be found here. Additionally, more information about purchasing policies university-wide can be found here.

More Information: If you have any questions, please email

Availability: InCHIP Researchers with Active Grants Managed by InCHIP

Description: The InCHIP Business Office offers travel services for PIs and staff on InCHIP grants. We assist with obtaining travel approvals and authorizations, making flight arrangements, preparing reimbursements, and reconciling expenses.

Instructions: The InCHIP Travel Policies can be found here, and the InCHIP Travel and Safety Information can be found here.

Helpful Links: Some links that may help you manage your travel include:

More Information: If you have any questions, please email