Application for InCHIP Community Affiliation

The role of the Institute for Collaboration on Health, Intervention, and Policy (InCHIP) at the University of Connecticut is to facilitate and support innovative, multidisciplinary health behavior research that improves individual and public health. InCHIP accomplishes this, in part, by providing a variety of opportunities and services to researchers who wish to conduct health behavior research.

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InCHIP is building a network of affiliates, from both community and academic settings, who are interested in working collaboratively with InCHIP on major research initiatives in health behavior.

To become an InCHIP Community Affiliate, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be from industry, a nonprofit, or a community-based organization that participates in, or could potentially participate in, relevant research projects.
  • Already be involved, or have an interest in becoming involved, in health behavior research.
  • Be open to (a) collaborating with UConn faculty/staff on research that is consistent with InCHIP’s mission and (b) making contributions to studies in one or more of the following ways: development of a research agenda, creation of a plan to acquire funding, project implementation and data collection, data analysis, and dissemination of findings.

Application for InCHIP Community Affiliation

  • Please indicate whether you would like to become a member of an InCHIP-sponsored Connecticut-wide listserv of academic researchers and community partners who are interested in community-engaged health research.
  • Learn more about InCHIP's Community-Engaged Health Research Core: In 2016, a Community-Engaged Health Research Core (CEHRC) was created within InCHIP. The goal of this Core is to (1) bring together university and community partners to facilitate innovative and translational community-engaged health research that is mutually beneficial, and (2) provide services and resources to support successful university-community partnerships and the development and implementation of community-engaged research studies that improve community health and healthcare.
    • For more information about the InCHIP Community-Engaged Health Research Core, please click here.
  • InCHIP has a variety of multidisciplinary research groups that provide forums for researchers from across disciplines, campuses, and the community to work collaboratively on designing and conducting innovative research projects on specific health topics. Please indicate which of InCHIP’s multidisciplinary research groups, if any, you would be interested in joining (you can join more than one). For more information about a particular research group, click on the group’s name.